Why Is Addiction Bad For Us In Every Way?

Understanding Addiction


We have heard a lot of Criticism as far as addiction in any form is concerned. It may not be limited to drugs but also to other habits that take away our time and money significantly and leaves us with nothing. This is probably one of the many reasons because of which it is said that addiction is not good for us in any way. You can also take help with nutrition by opting for Best Medicare Supplement Plans and live healthily.

Many reasons because of which we feel that addiction can create problems for our daily routine and us and we would like to share some of the points in this regard so with you. Keep reading and explore certain aspects related to addiction that can affect our happiness and love in our daily routine.



1. It leads to depression


With any form of addiction, we feel that it makes us happy and that is not wrong. However, the happiness stays with us only for a short while and depression follows. One might not realize, but the span of depression is usually long after we do not get our dose of addiction. This happens in reality, and we are bound to stick to being addicted to the same for a long time. Every time we opt for the things we are addicted to, we attract depression, and that is not good for us in any way.


2. It creates differences between our loved ones and us


Being addicted to something, we do not realize that it is creating huge differences between our loved ones and us. This happens more often when we are trying to do things that will help us stay addicted rather than doing things for our loved ones. Addiction makes us feel that we are doing a lot for our loved ones and there is no need for us to cut down on our addiction to do anymore. This is because we do not want to part ways with the thing we are addicted to and it ends up in creating use differences between our loved ones and us.


3. It is not a long-term solution


One might not realize this when they are addicted to something, but the fact is that addiction is not a long-term solution. It will satisfy us in the short run only. In the long run, we will only face problems because we are addicted, and that is not good for us in any way. Unfortunately, we realize the same only when we are totally dependent on the thing that we are addicted to, and there’s nothing much we can do to get rid of it.


4.  It eventually leads to death


We all have to die someday or the other end it is a fact that cannot be denied. However, addiction is a way to die early and unsatisfactorily. We realize see problems only when we have in a position where death is approaching us, and we are trying to run away from it. However, addiction leads us in the wrong direction, and we eventually lead a life we do not want to live.